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The Communications Officer, Shalyn Norrish, doing a little water sampling at one of the sites with Jessica Pacunayen, Regulatory Specialist for the WLWB, overseeing the process. Photo Credit: Brodie Costello, WLWB.
July 18, 2019

On June 12, 2019, the joint Communications Officer for the Wek'èezhìı Land and Water Board (WLWB) and WRRB joined technical staff from the WLWB,... READ MORE »

The WRRB and WLWB table all set up and ready to go for Rivers to Oceans Day trivia! Photo credit: Shalyn Norrish, WRRB & WLWB.
July 18, 2019

The 2019 Rivers to Oceans Week ran from June 9 - 12 this year, and was celebrated in Yellowknife on June 11. Rivers to Oceans week is an annual... READ MORE »

During the community supper in Wekweètì, the WRRB and WLWB gave away some swag and drew for prizes to give out to community members. Photo Credit: Shalyn Norrish, WRRB & WLWB.
July 18, 2019

The WRRB’s second Board meeting of the year took place in Wekweètì from May 7-9, 2019. The meeting began with two days of deliberation of the... READ MORE »

The WRRB, WLWB, and MVLWB tables at CJBS’ Career Fair. Photo credit: Shalyn Norrish, WRRB & WLWB.
July 18, 2019

Chief Jimmy Bruneau School Career Fair – April 3, 2019

The Communications Officer for the Wekʼèezhìı Renewable Resources... READ MORE »

The Board, staff, and legal counsel of the WRRB listening to presenters during the hearing. Photo credit: Shalyn Norrish, WRRB & WLWB.
July 18, 2019

The WRRB held a Public Hearing in Behchokǫ̀ on April 9 to 11, 2019, regarding the “Joint Proposal on Management Actions for the Bluenose-East ekwǫ... READ MORE »

Photo Credit: John Nagy, ENR
June 18, 2019

The WRRB has released its Reasons for Decision report on Proposed Management Actions for Sahtì Ekwǫ̀ (Bluenose-East Caribou) in Wek’èezhìı, a... READ MORE »

Photo Credit: Allicia Kelly, ENR
June 17, 2019

The WRRB has received a management proposal, entitled ... READ MORE »