Management Proposals

As set out in Sections 12.5.1, 13.3.1, 13.4.1, 13.4.2, 14.3.1, 14.4.1, 14.4.2, and 16.1.1 of the Tłı̨chǫ Agreement, the WRRB must either be consulted or review and make a determination or recommendation on any "management actions" relating to the management of wildlife, forests, plants, or protected areas. As per its Rule for Management Proposals, one of three levels of review will be undertaken by the WRRB depending on the nature, content and context of a management proposal. The WRRB considers each Management Proposal received, determining if the proposal should be assessed as a level one, level two, or level three. Level two and three proceedings will be conducted through our Public Registry. All others will be assessed as a level one and can be found on this page. The Board requires a minimum of 30 days to review and respond to Level one management proposals.

The Board requests public comment. Any comments received by the Board will be considered during their review, but no follow-up with be done with commenters, unless clarification is required. 

A listing of currently available management proposals.
Title Status Comments Deadline Date
Migratory Connectivity and Contaminants in Grebes Closed / Complete February 25, 2021
North Slave Wolf Abundance Survey Closed / Complete February 23, 2021
Monitoring of the Bathurst, Bluenose-East, and Beverly Caribou Herds Closed / Complete February 10, 2021
Mackenzie Bison Collaring Program 2021 - AMENDMENT Closed / Complete February 9, 2021
Winter Road Landbird Monitoring Program Closed / Complete January 18, 2021
Mackenzie Bison Collaring Program 2021 Closed / Complete December 2, 2020
Tłı̨chǫ All-Season Road’s Wildlife Management and Monitoring Plan Version 4.1 Closed / Complete November 27, 2020
TASR WMMP Wildlife Research Permit Application - Boreal Caribou - 2020-21 Closed / Complete November 12, 2020
TASR Camera WRP Application 2020 Closed / Complete November 12, 2020
Moose Abundance in the North Slave Region Closed / Complete October 14, 2020
Management Proposal for Reopening Harvesting on the Mackenzie Wood Bison Population Closed / Complete August 24, 2020
Management Proposal for amendments to the Mobile Core Bathurst Caribou (Kǫ̀k’èetı ̀ Ekwǫ̀) Management Zone Regulations Closed / Complete August 14, 2020
NWT Biodiversity Arthropod Monitoring - Insect and Spider Collections Photo credit: Suzanne Carriere Closed / Complete July 10, 2020
Wolf Collaring on the Central Barrens - AMENDMENT Closed / Complete July 9, 2020
Wildlife Research Permit Application - Understanding the migratory connectivity of the Blackpoll Warbler Closed / Complete June 24, 2020
Pilot Biodiversity Monitoring testing in Dınàgà Wek’èhodì candidate protected area and surrounding area Closed / Complete June 11, 2020
Francois Lake Land-Use Permit Application 2020 Closed / Complete April 29, 2020
Awry Lake Land-Use Permit Application 2020 Closed / Complete April 29, 2020
Wildlife Permit Application: NWT Small Mammal and Hare Surveys 2020 Closed / Complete April 9, 2020
Muskox Photo Composition Survey, East Arm of Great Slave Lake Region Closed / Complete March 4, 2020
Boreal Shorebird Monitoring Program Closed / Complete February 14, 2020
Wolf Collaring on the Central Barrens Closed / Complete January 24, 2020
Boreal caribou abundance surveys, boreal caribou collaring and wolf surveys: Tłı̨chǫ All-Season Road Project Closed / Complete December 10, 2019
WRP Winter Road Land Bird Survey Closed / Complete December 5, 2019

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