Photo Credit: D. Dewar, ENR Photo Credit: D. Dewar, ENR

ACCWM - Taking Care of Caribou


The Advisory Committee for Cooperation on Wildlife Management (ACCWM) was created for the purposes of sharing information, offer cooperation and build consensus, as well as offer recommendations regarding issues that surround wildlife and their habitat which cross treaty boundaries and land claims. The ACCWM has developed the “Taking Care of Caribou: the Cape Bathurst, Bluenose-West, and Bluenose-East Barren-ground Caribou Herds Management Plan” with the intention of addressing management of caribou and stewardship now and in the future. The statuses of each of the herds are reassessed on a yearly basis indicating whether they are yellow (population level is intermediate and increasing), green (population level is high), orange (population level is intermediate and decreasing), or red (population level is low). In November 2019, the ACCWM met and reviewed all available community-based monitoring and scientific information. Proposed statuses for each herd were made and are pending final decision. Individual action plans that are based on the herd statuses will identify specific management actions for each herd and will be submitted to governments in February 2020.