Tǫdzı (Boreal Caribou) Habitat and Habitat Use Study

Boreal Caribou in the winter. Photo Credit: John Nagy, GNWT

The Boreal Caribou project is collecting ecological information on Tǫdzı (Boreal woodland caribou) from Tłı̨chǫ elders and harvesters, as well as from available scientific research. To date, research on boreal caribou in the NWT has been limited. Tǫdzı are known to be sensitive to their environment. In this project, we hope to learn more about the caribou’s habitat and habitat requirements. How do Tǫdzı use their habitat now? Which areas do they prefer? What are their movements throughout the year? How do natural disturbances such as forest fires affect their habitat use and movements? And how might their behavior and use of habitat be changed if there are changes in their environment? This ongoing project, initiated in 2011 by the Wek’èezhìı Renewable Resources Board in collaboration with the Tłı̨chǫ Government, will assist the WRRB and its wildlife management partners in effective management and protection of tǫdzı in Wek’èezhìı.

Download Reports:

Boreal Caribou in Wekeezhii FINAL REPORT 3may13_0.pdf

Boreal Caribou in Wekeezhii FINAL REPORT 15may2012.pdf


One of the two research projects that were underway to collect Tłı̨chǫ and scientific knowledge on caribou habitat and habitat use after forest fire has been completed. The WRRB research project, led by Dr. Allice Legat working with Whatì community researchers and elders is gathering information to better understand the impacts of fire on tǫdzı habitat and to monitor when tǫdzı return to burn areas is now complete and available for download below.  In the second project, a research team from Wilfrid Laurier University is conducting a scientific study on vegetation communities associated with tǫdzı and Ekwǫ̀ (Barrenground caribou) habitat that has been disturbed by forest fire. This project is still ongoing.  

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Tǫdzı (Boreal Caribou) and the State of Their Habitat


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Todzi Anatomy Poster :

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