Aimee and Laura during their TASR site visit; Photo Credit: Laura Meinert Aimee and Laura during their TASR site visit; Photo Credit: Laura Meinert

WRRB Staff Visit TASR

Recently, our Conservation Biologist, Aimee Guile, and newly returned Wildlife Management Biologist, Laura Meinert, went on a site visit of the Tłı̨chǫ All-Season Road project. The visit started off with some procedural items, which included temperature checks in line with COVID-19 policies currently in place in the Territory. This was done as they were entering the project where they met up with staff from GNWT’s Department of Infrastructure as well as representatives from Peter Kiewit and Sons LLC, who is the contractor responsible for construction of the road. They were given a piloted tour of the road itself and the progress that has been made (via their own vehicle and a radio to ensure social distancing), including the many culverts that have been installed, the crushers and equipment used, and habitat protection measures. They also saw the camp; however, they were not allowed inside, due to COVID-19 restrictions. The tour took them all the way to kilometre 46.22 of the road. They saw a great deal of wildlife while on the tour, including ejıe (bison), and many species of birds.

The WRRB has been involved in many stages of the permitting and environmental assessment of the all Season Road (TASR). This has included review and approval of the Wildlife Management and Monitoring Plan and Wildlife Research Permit Application approvals. The Board has been or will be involved in the development, review and approval of the Boreal Caribou Habitat Offsetting Plan and the Fisheries Management Plan. The WRRB also is a member of the TASR Corridor Working Group. The road is expected to open in the fall of 2021. For details on the road and to stay up-to-date with the project, you can do so on the GNWT’s TASR project page, here.