The WRRB, WLWB, and MVLWB tables at CJBS’ Career Fair. Photo credit: Shalyn Norrish, WRRB & WLWB. The WRRB, WLWB, and MVLWB tables at CJBS’ Career Fair. Photo credit: Shalyn Norrish, WRRB & WLWB.

School Visits

Chief Jimmy Bruneau School Career Fair – April 3, 2019

The Communications Officer for the Wekʼèezhìı Renewable Resources Board (WRRB) and the Wekʼèezhìı Land and Water Board (WLWB) joined Tanya Lantz, the Outreach Coordinator for the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board (MVLWB), in attending Chief Jimmy Bruneau’s annual Career Fair on April 3, 2019. The fair invited grade 11 and 12 students from schools in all four Tłı̨chǫ communities, as well as the general public, to come in and engage with businesses, government officials, non-profits, and other potential employers to ask questions and learn about what these organizations do. The hope is that students will gain a stronger understanding of the kinds of employment they could potentially have after finishing high school, and what post-secondary schooling or training would be required. The WRRB, WLWB, and MVLWB participated, showcasing what the staff and boards do in the area of resource management, and shared with the students what they would need in terms of education to follow a career in the field. Attendance was good, and the students asked insightful, and polite questions. The WRRB, WLWB and MVLWB hope to attend again next year to share the important work they are doing and to encourage more youth to get involved in resource management after high school.


The gymnasium was packed most of the day during the Career Fair. Lots to see and do to learn about possible jobs, education opportunities, and more! Photo Credit: Shalyn Norrish, WRRB & WLWB.


Alexis Arrowmaker School – May 9, 2019

While the WRRB and WLWB were in Wekweètì in May 2019 for their Board meetings and community supper, the Communications Officer (Shalyn Norrish), and Outreach Coordinator for the MVLWB (Tanya Lantz) paid a visit to the school to talk about the work that the WRRB, WLWB, and MVLWB do. The 19 students, in grades one to ten, joined us to learned about co-management, resource management, and to play some fun games to help them understand how we do our work. Students actively participated by asking questions, drawing fish, learning about how waste is managed through interactive games, and won prizes for their knowledge of wildlife, habitat, and protected areas. Shalyn and Tanya spent the morning participating in student activities at the school as well, including their morning prayer, recess, and fitness activities. This half-day session was a great way to get to know the students and staff at Alexis Arrowmaker, and we are looking forward to more fun engagement opportunities in Wekweètì and the other Tłı̨chǫ communities in the coming year!

Jada, one of the students at Alexis Arrowmaker School made drawings for Tanya and Shalyn to say thank you for coming in to speak with them. This is what she made for Shalyn. Photo credit: Shalyn Norrish, WRRB & WLWB.

The students at Alexis Arrowmaker learned about fish during the presentation by Shalyn & Tanya. One of the activities was to draw a fish and give it special characteristics. This is King Bob the third created by Lacey. Photo credit: Shalyn Norrish, WRRB & WLWB.