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Ground vegetation on the Barrenlands near Daring Lake, NWT  (Photo:  Susan Beaumont, WRRB)
July 5, 2017

In our Spring newsletter, we neglected to acknowledge Dr. H. Peter White’s assistance with our story on a research project that’s investigating... READ MORE »

View of Whatì from dock (Photo:  Susan Beaumont, WRRB)
June 29, 2017

The WRRB Board and Staff travelled to Whatì earlier this month for its Board meeting on June 13-14.  On the first night, the WRRB also co-hosted a... READ MORE »

Spruce-lichen forest (Photo:  Susan Beaumont, WRRB)
June 28, 2017

Wildfire is part of the boreal forest ecosystem and the natural life cycle of the forest.  It helps the forest renew itself by releasing valuable... READ MORE »

Bathurst caribou on the Barrenland.  Photo:  Catherine Graydon
June 28, 2017

Both traditional knowledge and scientific studies have observed that barren-ground caribou are very sensitive to changes in their environment. ... READ MORE »

Bumble bee in Fort Smith, NWT (Photo:  Jody Pellissey, WRRB)
June 26, 2017

The WRRB met with other members of the Conference of Management Authorities (CMA) in Fort Smith, NWT, on May 2-4, 2017 to discuss a number of... READ MORE »

Cover of NWT Species 2016-2020 Report
June 26, 2017

A recent publication is helping to build knowledge of the rich biodiversity of the NWT.   The NWT General Status Ranking Program collects... READ MORE »

Whatì Shore (Susan Beaumont, WRRB)
June 2, 2017

The WRRB will be in Whatì next week for its next Board meeting.  Community members are welcome to sit in on the meetings.  The Board will meet on... READ MORE »

WRRB Board meeting
May 8, 2017

We know that our country is stronger,  and our government more effective, when decision-makers reflect Canada’s diversity. For this reason, the... READ MORE »

Esker on the Barrenlands (Photo: GNWT / T. Stephenson)
May 1, 2017

We're getting ready for this year's Tłı̨chǫ Summer Student Research Assistant Program (TSSRAP) at Daring Lake on the Barrenlands 300 km north of... READ MORE »